Design And Engineering, Scalable Web And Mobile Applications


  • Web application development
  • API and microservice Development
  • Digital design
  • Mentoring
  • Training

Tools & Processes.


At airasoul, we focus on a rapid, user led delivery process, we focus on transparency, and aim to build and deliver in small increments.  In order to achieve this we use tooling that has the least amount of friction, to a rapid agile process.


if you want to build quickly, without compomising quality, scalability and maintainability, nothing quite beats node.js for building APIs, and microservices.  Its simplicity is key, and allows developers to focus on business value.

fastify, express, hapi, rest, json schema, graphql, typescript, microservice, mongoDb, postgresql, mysql

React and React Native  

Like Node.js, React and its mobile equivalent, allow us to build web and mobile clients in an agile way, focusing on vertical, feature driven components.

react, hooks, redux, react router, ssr, next, material ui, ant design


Scalability without the headache of manging servers, and orchastrating containers, serverless, allows us to deploy with ease, to mutliple environments, without compromising scalability.

AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Aurora, serverless.js, xray, cloudwatch


We value documentation, and utilise tools such as JSON schema to generate Open API documentation. 

swagger, openapi 3, json schema


One of the key aspects to rapid delivery is to test at various levels, unit, API, end-to-end, and load,  this allows us to ensure quality are built in from the get-go.

Jest, mocha, chai, sinon, enzyme, cucumber, cypress, wdio, jmeter,, blazemeter, browserstack, saucelabs, autocannon, clinic